Welcome to the SARS-CoV2 CRISPR screen compendium website!

What is this website?

This website bundles pooled SARS-CoV2 CRISPR screen and provides them in a uniformly analyzed way, allowing for easy visualization and comparison.

How to use?

This website is based on the VISPR tool with only very minor modifications. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Use the Experiment-tab at the top of the page to select an experiment
  • The Quality Control-tab shows you basic quality controls for the select experiment
  • View a ranked list of postively- and negatively selected sgRNAs/genes for the currently selected experiment in the Results-tab
  • To overlap genes identified in different experiments use the Compare Experiments-tab, where you can select multiple experiments to see a Venn-diagram of the overlap

How to contribute?

If you performed a pooled SARS-CoV2 CRISPR screen, we would appreciate your contribution to this compendium. To add your data to the website, please open an issue on our GitHub repository or send us an email

How to cite?

Please consider citing our work and the works that made this website possible:

  • Until publication, here is our preprint on BioRxiv
  • The VISPR software that is used to display this website has been published here
  • Also consider citing the authors of the various studies that are presented on this website. See the info-box on the right for references.

Studies on website currently

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